Petition Your Legislators

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by Citizen Crane   
Tuesday, 25 November 2008
To Our Elected Representatives:

This nation has witnessed a long history of hypergrowth--growth for growth's sake--that today destroys over 1 million acres of farm land and open space annually. It's called "sprawl," uncontrolled development that is socially destructive, fiscally irresponsible, and a formidable threat to open space in this country. In a word, urban/suburban sprawl is the antithesis of family values as we know them. As it obliterates open space, it seriously undermines the quality of life in America, carrying immeasurable social and personal costs. And, sprawl is palpable, something people can readily see (visual blight), smell (air pollution), and experience (traffic congestion). Our citizens know first-hand when their environment, style of life, and personal health are seriously at risk.

Politicians of every stripe, at every level, will need to take whatever steps are necessary to demonstrate that they recognize, and honor, the huge importance that voters attach to the preservation of open space for the optimum functioning of their communities. This kind of density is leaving far too many children behind. One remedy, the one being proposed here, is the creation of an Endangered Spaces Act, a much needed fed/state legislative action that reflects precisely the values that the White House endorses for families and communities. Your support is necessary in determining the fate of this grass-roots action to get Congress majorly involved with this effort. We urge you to join the anti-sprawl armada that is burgeoning throughout this country, commensurate with the increasing number of affected populations who feel their communities are Not For Sale.

Furl it!