Swill, Baby, Swill. Swill Here, Swill Now

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by Maggie Foster
Wednesday, 08 October 2008

Maggie FosterVice-presidential hopeful, Sarah Palin, stakes her creds on the image of being a reformer "who has worked to put an end to abuses of earmark spending in the United States Congress." The record tells a different story, revealing that Ms. Palin enthusiastically, and aggressively, pursued government earmarks early on as Mayor of tiny Wassila, and subsequently, as Governor of Alaska.

Not much sense in trying to convince Ms. Palin that she cannot turn a sow's earmarks into silk purse-strings at the taxpayer's expense because she has shown herself to be quite adept at doing just that. Her earmark requests for the year 2008 alone ($197,000,000,000) add up to more money per person than for any other state. Feeding at the Federal tough is all a matter of public record.

The record is also clear that the Governor fully embraced the now infamous "boondoggle to nowhere" (a $233,000,000 bridge meant to replace the existing ferry service to Gravina Island: pop. 50) before going public with her flip-flopping, "Thanks. But, No Thanks," reversal as it became clear that Congress was not about to buy a pig-in-a-poke, no matter how much lip gloss was being applied. Then, hello and behold! Ms. Palin kept the many millions of dollars awarded, anyway, despite the fact that all Alaskans receive annual dividend checks from the state (thanks to a substantial oil-wealth reserve account now topping $35,000,000,000).

The fact of the matter is that, by any reasonable measure, Sarah Palin is a regular Mike Tyson when it comes to relentlessly going after earmarks. When the facts play second fiddle to form, what often results is a clear case of substance abuse. Or, put another way, falsely offering oneself as the candidate of reform and thus a viable alternative for vice president could at some point be perceived as "dope peddling."

Sighs matter! Folks across the nation are rolling their eyes, wondering aloud what next will flow out of this babe's mouth-this so-called candidate for VP who appears to have fully morphed from pit bull into the far right's lap dog. Many are increasingly aghast even at the prospect of Ms. Palin being a heartbeat away from the Vice Presidency--let alone the Presidency. Repeated concerns are also bubbling up regarding Sarah Palin's depth of understanding of the issues that trouble most Americans, especially the lengths she will go to cover up her glaring ignorance and general lack of knowledge. Perhaps our neighbors and friends have simply decided that it's one thing to be a little right of center, and quite another to be totally off center.

The "truth fairy" may simply decide to bypass Ms. Palin's pillow this year. Her "I wink therefore, I am" modus operandi will carry the day only when 'pigs learn how to fly.' The truth is that Ms. Palin has a clear record of feeding at the Federal trough--whole hog--and no amount of lipshtick can cover that political reality. In place of the candid truth, the McCain/Palin liaison slops a "candied" version, laden with sugary, syrupy, add-ons.

This is probably not so much "a woman wronged," as it may simply be "the wrong woman," when it comes to filling the second highest office of the land: poor press is simply a poor excuse for a poor choice of candidate.

PS: I refer Governor Palin to The Pig Book: How Government Wastes Your Money, which has a forward penned by none other than Senator McCain. While she was "pork-barreling" her way down the Alaskan Highway, Mr. McCain was speaking out in the Senate about what has since become Alaska's "bridge-over-the-water-gate."

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