The Fierce Urgency of DOW

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by Nick Nova
Sunday, 05 October 2008

Nick NovaThe "Free Marketeers" (Bush, Cheney, McCain) have long been on a cozy collusion course with the likes of Wall Street. As a result, the Stock Market has suffered a free-fall that threatened to become a messy free-for-all, while the average American nervously looked ahead for a bailout with no stings attached.

The nation's shocked reaction to Mr. Paulson's (and Mr. Bush's) call for a blank-check initially elicited the same kind of blank-stare that crossed Mr. Bush's face when first informed of the 2001 attack on the Twin Towers.

Instead of concentrating solely on bailing out the blankety-blank institutions responsible for the current financial meltdown on Wall Street, many ordinary Americans are asking themselves why on earth the evil-doers behind this calamity are not being taken into custody. Immediately . . . and without bail.

Streetgate will likely go down in history as a greed-propelled "binge to nowhere," an extended series of moral and ethical lapses that have come home to roost . . . big time.

Surely, streetgate (or whatever we choose to call it) has earned a place right up there as one of the Seven Natural Blunders of the Postmodern World.

Laissez-faire turns out to be both lousy, and unfair, when coupled with an unbridled, uncaring, American-style capitalism.

Our citizenry has suffered what might best be described as a "cripple-down effect," the direct result of an out-of-touch leader who's morphed into a 'clear and presidential danger' when it comes to looking out for the economy. It was on Mr. Bush's watch that a reckless pursuit of profiteering ensued and which has the power still to devolve into a wrecked U.S economy.

But, alas, neither Mr. McCain ("the barricader") nor Ms. Palin ("the barracuda") seems to have any bright ideas regarding getting us out of this mess, and nary a clue as to how we actually got there in the first place.

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